A Funny Thing Happened on to way to the Oracle.

We Three Pilgrims

(This is the first of many…or not game recaps that my players will not read nor supplement, but it gives me joy to add color commentary.)

A packed inn of weary travelers, pilgrims to be exact, huddle around hearths, on packs, and in groups awaiting their escorts to arrive and convey them safely to the Abbey of the Rose. The din of the common room falters as three well armed men enter the inn and beginning selecting the first group to leave for the Abbey. Amongst those selected, a hunchback, a woman and her child, a midget, a simpleton, a cripple, a portly fellow, and a dusky cleric.

Vasen, the First Blade gives brisk instructions to the group and off they head across country.


Some hand waving later, they arrive at the Vale in the Thunder Peaks, where the Abbey resides.

Oh, yeah…there were Scarecrows and Veserabs too….(oh fricken, fracken….I’ll figure out wiki links and edit this later…)

Well done surviving Sembia’s countryside.



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