A Funny Thing Happened on to way to the Oracle.

"You did what?"

The party swooned a bit. Lorcan retired from the room and the party split up a bit. Half of the group wandered the grounds to be encountered by the city watch, looking for Lorcan’s sister and a brawl ensued. As a result the party now has a pet zombie for a day.

The cleric found Lorcan rapidly spreading oils and setting a blaze to the lower floor of the manse.

The party fled in the lovely carriage. Lorcan was dropped on the carriage by his sister, unceremoniously, and restored the cube to the party.

Arriving in town the party settled into the hotel. The evening passed without incident. After breakfast, the party was approached by a dragonborn warlock and enticed to partake in a game of dice. The party cleric turned out to have the blessings of his god and raked in the gold. No one notice that the gnome had grown bored of the entertainments and had returned to his room.

Their first clue to his absence was the the squeals of delight from his room. Approaching, they knocked. He could barely contain himself as he shouted with beaming pride “I’ve unlocked the cube!”

The party’s collective response was…“You did what?”

No one survived the 28d10 points of damage the explosion caused. But the gnome just smiled and thought, more minions…

Until the next time we all get together…



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